A custom-made stand

Exactly what you want

Are you attending a trade fair in the Netherlands?

  • But are you unfamiliar with the location and the organization?
  • And are you looking for a partner who can support your booth and the organization of this

Will you be taking part in a trade fair in the Netherlands again?

  • But may it be something else? Do you have a better, more atmospheric and/or more luxurious stand than in a previous edition?


Welcome to Anggrek Projects. We are a full-service booth builder in the conception, realization and organization The advantage of having the booth built by an experienced booth builder like us is that you as a customer do not have to worry. Thanks to our many years of experience in many exhibition areas in Europe, we can advise you very well at your stand. Give a high standing value and make the entire process as efficient as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been to many different places and know our way around them.



After all, as booth builders, we make sure that everything is arranged at the trade fair location. This can be at Rai in Amsterdam, Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, event halls in Gorinchem, Expo Houten, Rotterdam Ahoy or MECC Maastricht. But foreign countries are also familiar territory and we are active in Belgium, Germany and France, among others.



It doesn’t matter whether it’s a completely new booth design or a completely new realization. Or an embellishment of your current exhibition stand, e.g. by supplying individual materials or a beautiful bar, you have come to the right place!

Thanks to years of experience, we can help you with any problem. Service and quality is what you can expect when you work with Anggrek Projects.

What does such cooperation look like? It depends on your wishes!

  1. We will then first map these together with you. Including the purpose of participation in the exhibition and the requirements for it. Often there are several goals that we consider together with you; What is the most important thing? How can we give substance to these goals? And how can the goals stand side by side without getting in each other’s way?


  1. Then we collect the basic information: the stand space you have rented or would like to rent, the stand position in the hall due to the route, possibilities in terms of power / lifting points, building constraints that we have to comply with at that location and the budget. We can imagine that the latter can be difficult for you, but since the possibilities are enormous, a policy is needed. Of course, we can also give indicative prices where you can indicate whether they are suitable or not.



  1. The designs also come from our company. This is to ensure that your wishes are implemented as well as possible and that we can switch quickly when making adjustments. We create a first draft of the stand on the basis of 3D drawings, which we explain textually. In this design, we try to take into account the sustainability of the materials at all times. In addition, we strive to make customization as practical as possible. It is an advantage to be distinctive with your stand and in your industry.


  1. After the presentation of this draft, the draft will be discussed. Customized and finished in consultation with you. To realize the ideal design.
  1. If the draft is approved, we start preparing. These are preparations in the workshop with adaptation. As a booth builder, we therefore have a large workshop where we manufacture all these custom-made products ourselves. These can be, for example, presentation boards with the customer’s item, an individually designed counter for preparing food on the stand or an individual column for the new product. In principle, everything is feasible and there is a solution for every problem. But the preparation also consists of communication with the location, because we are happy to take care of that for you. For example, we are happy to take care of all furnishing matters such as building passes, water requests, electricity requests, etc., but also possibly. Contacts with the organization


  1. Then it’s time for realization, of course, we pay attention to all the details that we have discussed. For example, that there is electricity and internet at every desired point. We will also keep in touch with you if this is desirable about progress.



  1. And then….. The delivery where we like to have personal contact, so that there can be no doubt about your satisfaction. Where you think: WOW! Because you can see the difference to a tailor-made exhibition stand, built by a stand builder with experience who puts the finishing touches on it!


Conclusion: Your new exhibition stand can be realized anywhere. However, this is always realized in the same way; Completely finished and furnished according to the wishes of you and your company. This way, you don’t have to worry when you arrive at the booth and can focus on promoting the company.


Tip: Do you really want something different and distinctive? Also think of a brown café stand. A great way to stand out at a trade show is to work with a themed décor on a stand, such as an attractive brown café, a cozy old-fashioned pub or a stylish modern bar. This makes it easy to socialize, network, socialize, and sell in an informal way. It stands out! It is a real eye-catcher at a trade fair, which actually appeals to everyone and therefore always leads to a conversation. Interest? Be inspired by these beautiful photos. We were able to realize these stands  at Provada,  Europort, 50 plus fair and, for example , at the Dutch masters

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